As we were washing our hands at a Chik-fil-a, an older gentleman smiled and spoke to my two sons and me.  He said “I am 100 years old and I give out these little books everywhere I go.”  I glanced at the book and my sons stood in amazement with their eyes fixed on the man.  He continued to talk “Are you a believer?  Jesus loves you, he shed his blood for you.  He wants you to go to Heaven with him.  If you believe you can be with him.”  He smiled constantly, and asked again “are you a believer?”  He was very polite and friendly. 

I tried to talk with him or at least communicate with the same politeness that the gentleman had shown us, but he could not hear.  He had made an impression on each of us;  one son was shocked, one son was intrigued about how polite and confident he was, and I was just impressed that even while washing up for lunch a man could share a loving side of Jesus to a stranger. 

I realized that this man, although not my style of sharing about Jesus Christ, would probably “witness” to more people in that one day than I would in a month.  He inspired me to think about how much I don’t mention God as part of my daily conversations. 

Ted Traylor has a website that offers more ideas on sharing your story and the love of Jesus.  He is pastor of Olive BC in Pensacola, FL.  The banner is “Love your neighbor.  Tell your story.”  For me, the former is becoming so much a normal part of my life.  The later has to be more intentional in the way of sprinkling in the “God-stories” in my conversation.  Now, my family has made it a part of their weekly routine to get out of the house and get to know our neighbors. 

As we walked away from this “evangelism encounter,” my oldest son said “Wow, he was nice, too bad he couldn’t hear.”  I hope that people can say “wow, he was nice” when they walk away from an encounter with me.