You are probably thinking that I am talking about gossip.   Well, not exactly.  I just want to share some of the neat conversations I have been hearing about people getting to know their neighbors.  Sunday was our quarterly Small Group Leaders Luncheon (it is where we communicate, learn, share, tell stories from Community).  Each table was asked to share what service projects they were currently involved in.  WOW, some things I had never heard of or thought of:  feeding families at the Ronald McDonald House at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, working on the lawns of widows, collecting Bibles for a local prison, building a neighborhood garden to share food and Christ, and having Easter Egg Hunts in subdivisions.  

Then another person shared how they really did not like ‘evangelism’ but were going to start walking their street to meet their neighbors and it happened.  One neighbor was outside, began to talk and both left knowing each others name and hobby. 

Next, I get a call today from one of my neighbors sharing a story about one of his clients from GA relocating to Smyrna, TN.   As he talked to the man, he realized he would be moving into the very same subdivision we live in.  The man is very interested in baseball, which is one of my passions.  We can’t wait to help our new ‘neighbor’ move in.

Neighborhood is not a program, it is life.  If you are intentional about noticing where God is working and preparing the relationships, they just seem to fall in your lap.  Check out this Neighborhood story: