Have you ever had the chance to sit in an airport for hours?  What a waste of time!! I had two flights canceled by two different airlines on Saturday.  Now I did have the time (6 hours) to read every magazine in the only bookstore in the small airport.  I spent most of the time reviewing my consulting sessions with a church I spoke at on Friday night and Saturday.  I led sessions on teaching Bible Study and growing your class/group.  Friday was a touring day where I was driven around the city and toured the church campus.  This church is poised to be a dynamic growing body of Christ in the next few months and years.  However, as I challenged the leaders to pray daily by name for their lost friends/family/neighbors, a blank look came over their faces.  No doubt, the longer we are Christ-followers, the longer we are ‘in’ church, the fewer unchurched/lost people we know.  To quote Andy Stanley:  “we get caught up in our Christian music, Christian schools, Christian music, Christian friends, Christian meetings/commitees, that we don’t have time to know (or notice) the lost around us.”  I left the airport Saturday praying for this church and it’s leaders, who by the way admited to not knowing lost people, and realizing that each of us must be intentional about developing friendships with those who greatly matter to God, the lost.  Luke 19:10.  Sunday afternoon I was intentional about speaking to people and spending time with those that may be lost…I am not going to pray daily by name for them and discover their stories.  Do you have any lost people for whom you are praying by name, daily?