Okay, so the weekend is long gone and my dream session had to come to an end.  On Tuesday night I sat down with the old book I mentioned “The Success Journey” and re-read the dreams I had listed over the years.  The list looked like a bunch of answers to the question:  “If I could, I would….”  It was amazing to see what I dreamed over the last 7 yrs.  More amazing and shocking was to see how many of them had come to fruition.   Some were:  fly in a Lear Jet, have a home office, be a consultant, meet MLB players, combine my love for Baseball and Evangelism in a service somewhere, coach, visit various cities, etc. 

What about you?  Have you taken time to dream?  What has God gifted you with or gave you a passion for that you could dream about?  You could use to bring joy to others?  You could live life for????????