How often do you take time out to dream?  I don’t mean day-dream at the office.  I am talking about looking into the future and thinking about what it would be like if you could just…  You know the dream that has haunted you for years.  The dream of what you want to do in life or with your life. 

Consider this question that was asked of me in 1991 in Chicago by a friend, mentor, and leader Clyde Hall:  if you could do anything for Christ, money and talent not an issue, what would you do?  I spent the next several years constantly chasing that dream.  In 1999, Lisa and I had our second son.  As a gift my parents came to town and kept both boys for a couple of days for Lisa and I to have time together (actually recover :-).  During that time we read through and processed a book by John Maxwell, “The Success Journey.”  We wrote down some goals, dreams and life ventures that we wanted to take in our life. 

Twice a year I will still take some time, a short drive, an afternoon in the woods, a weekend hunting or fishing, and recount that time in 1991 and 1999.  I will once again consider where I am in life, in the Kingdom, in the process of these dreams.  This weekend is one of those times! 

Wanna go on a dreaming adventure?  Time is precious!  Every think about an afternoon walk to dream?  What about a weekend at a hotel, anywhere, where you can get away?  What about right now….STOP….and DREAM.