Talked with a former staff member of a church this week. They talked about the time, effort and drain it was to work/serve at a church where all your friends and acquaintances were Christians. They recently moved because of school and work and left the staff position. They found themselves having neighbors over for meals and serving together other young couples in the neighborhood. As we talked, they said how they were waiting on one of the couples to call because they were expecting to give birth anyday. Yet, this couple was almost appologic for not attending Sunday School or a Small Group at the church. I have to admit there was a smile on my face because they were being Christ to their community and causing a guilty heart for not being in a class/group. I quickly shared that this is EXACTLY WHAT CHRIST DID. He involved himself in the lives of people who were far from him and, through his unconditional love, drew them closer to him. Now I am not saying you don’t need to be around other Christ-followers, but I am saying that if you get a chance to infect a community with the love of Christ, go for it!!!!!! I can’t wait to see how this couple’s new community develops into a Neighborhood Small Group where lives are changed because one couple had a meal with some neighbors.