Thanks for the comments on back patio and front porch. I recently read Joe Meyers book “A search to Belong” about the front porch. He tells about the design of houses now WITHOUT a front porch. Maybe pretty, but sure messed up Neighborhood life. We now retreat to the back yard with our 6′ privacy fence. Is it any wonder we don’t know our neighbors? They can’t peak over the fence like ‘Wilson” does and have deep discussions. My family’s rule for our neighbors is this: if we are in the front yard, you had better stop by and talk. Yea, we still have some neighbors that won’t even wave, but for the most part people wave or stop and talk. Randy Frazee of Willow Creek has a great guide book for these thoughts, “The Connecting Church.” Later I will share our story of a three year run in KY, built on this book.